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Daycare Center Management System


Marlainna Glenn

Meng Yi Yee

Mei Fun Wong


Problem Statement

After an interview with Nena Mordeson, the director of the Cathedral St. Peters daycare center, we found that the problem with the administration and management system there lacks sensibility, manageability and organization.


It seems that the staffs there are unaware of the profound affect a database in a computer can have on how the daycare center deals and manages business today.


The assistant director is having problem with the idea of having things computerized because it would cause her to get computer training. They would prefer to stick to the old fashion way (on paper) and assuming that parents feel the same way too because they afraid that someone would change the documents. To them, handwritten information would save time and effort.


The system in the daycare lacks an organized filling and mailing system. Information of all the children is filed and kept in filing cabinets. This causes slow information processing. Additionally, they do not mail notices for bills. Each parent is assigned a mailbox in the daycare center and notices for bills are not mailed. Furthermore, there are no reminders for the closing of the center except reminders posted two or three days before closing.


Current system

Physical system

Enrollment procedures

Child records

Updating Monthly Account

Announcement, reminders and letters to parents

Logical System

Proposed System

A major concern in the daycare center in using a computer is that they need to have computer training. Therefore, the proposed system will be very user friendly and easy to use. The system will have a checklist to see whether the entire requirement for the enrolment is complete. In order to have a smoother and easier navigation through the system, all the forms will be icons based.

With this proposed system, we want to prove that things can be done much smoother and in a more timely manner with the proposed system. The goal of the system is to save time, space and effort in storing and processing information.

Physical System

Enrollment procedures

Child record

Updating monthly account

Announcement, reminders and letters

Logical System

Once the parent has decided to enroll in the daycare center, information will be entered into a form letter, which is linked into a Database in the computer. There will also be a separate database to store information of the child. Search functions will be included in the system so that staff will have easy access to a particular child. The system will be able to print out information as desired. The staff can only access all the information in database. In order to maintain the security of the information in the database, a password will be set to the system.


Non-functional requirements

Hardware requirement

Software required

Training required

Quality constraints