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WhiteBox™ 3.0


WhiteBox™ 3.0 is produced by Reliable Software Technologies Corporation (RST), a leading authority and industry visionary on software assurance for business-critical software. WhiteBox™ 3.0 is the next generation Test Optimization tool combining test coverage and structural metrics analysis on the market today.



WhiteBox™ 3.0 is a code coverage tool that enable software development and testing organizations to get the benefits of software testing without changing development or testing procedures. The code coverage tool allows WhiteBox™ 3.0 to identify codes that are not yet tested, provides a mean to quantify test coverage and identifies cases that are redundant as to not to increase the amount of code.



The features of WhiteBox™ 3.0 are:




Other information

Compilers and IDE's JDK 1.1 andJDK 2, MSVJ, SPARC, Symantec Visual Café 3.0, MSVC, GCC, Visual Studio C++ 6.0