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Program Specification


The objective of building this system is to implement a binary tree abstract data type.

Binary Trees facilitate high-speed searching and sorting of data, efficient elimination of duplicate data items, representing file system directories, and compiling expressions into machine language.

The goal is to build a system which does high speed sorting, sorts the numbers being input in the ascending order, search for a specific number, delete a specific number and also print out the binary tree.


The problem to be solved is as follows

Numbers will be entered as input and requires the system to either sort these numbers in ascending order, search for a specific number, delete a specific number and also prints out the binary tree.

Data Flow Diagram

DFD for the program

The hardware to be used to build this program needs to be a PC. The Software to build this program needs to be Microsoft Visual C++ or Borland C++ to develop the programs in C++. Three programmers will be needed to develop and test this program.



The user of this system will be allowed to enter a list of numbers. The system will need to take these numbers and then call the appropriate functions which will either insert a number, sort the numbers into ascending order, search for a number, delete a number and also display the list of sorted numbers together with their name to the user. The user then can choose to continue or quit the program.



The system remains idle until the user key in input.



The following classes of tests need to be performed on the system developed

The requirements for testing the above classes of tests consists of

The output to be generated consists of

The implementation in C++


Dr. Hines Course Note

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