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CS 451 – Project ("Employment Referral Tracking System")

Description and Links to projects

This is a database program, which is named as "Employment Referral Tracking System" (ERTS). Basically, It was programmed by using Microsoft Access. Our client is Hispanic Economic Development Corporation (HEDC). They need this program because they want to save their time in searching a referral for applicants and also save their time to do the monthly report.

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Analysis and Annotation

This system contains 6 parts, which are "Applicants", "Employers", "Position", "Call Back", "DOT", and "Reports".

Description of Features:


Expansion and reuse

The expansion of this program is very low because this system already had all the requirement features and also we include some extra features to enhance the system for better references and easier to use. Some expansion could be done are fixing some bugs and have of errors protections.

The reusability of this system could be high because most of the database software has almost the same data content. So, the tables and forms are highly reusable. But, the functions of the system could be low in reusability because not all the database software has the same requirements.


Difficulty scale, time estimate and person estimates for the maintenance

Difficulty Scale: 9 of 10

Time estimate for maintenance: 1 month

Person needed for maintenance: 4-6 persons