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CS457 - Project 2 and CS 458 – Project 6 ("Daycare Management System")

Description and Links to projects

The Daycare Management System was programmed by using Microsoft Access. This system is specially designed for a daycare management uses, for example, enrollment applications, generates reports, updating clients' account, and etc.

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Analysis and Annotation

There are five categories in this system, which are "DMS Database", "Payments and Fees", "Medical Report", "Announcements", "Reminders".

Description of Features:


Expansion and reuse

The expansion of this system is moderate. The feature of the system is almost complete. But, we still can expanse it to a multi-users environment. Also, some bugs fixed and error protection could make the system function better and the user will not get confuse or do not know what to do when there is something wrong.

The reusability of code is very moderate. I can be reuse for only something related to daycare management. If different daycare center needs a system like this, a simple change is needed to complete the task.


Difficulty scale, time estimate and person estimates for the maintenance

Difficulty Scale: 7 of 10

Time estimate for maintenance: 12 hours

Person needed for maintenance: 1-3 persons