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CS 456 – Project 3 ("Coloring a Graph")

Description and Links to projects

This is a simulation program that will perform a demonstration of "Coloring a Graph". This program will show line by line progression of a C++ code that implements the algorithm.

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Analysis and Annotation

This program has many frames to show the simulation. Each frame show different thing, for example, animation for a frame, C++ code for another frame, and some important parameters and control variables in another frame.


Expansion and reuse

The expansion of this program is very high. It could be done in a better interface so that the user will understand the simulation easier. A lot of time is needed for the expansion of the interface because creating animation is very time consuming. But, a smoother animation will help the user very much.

The reusability of code is very low because the C++ codes are only for this (Coloring a Graph) algorithm. Also, the Visual Basic code is not very reusable because those codes are only designed for the simulation only.


Difficulty scale, time estimate and person hours estimates for the maintenance

Difficulty Scale: 8 of 10

Time estimate for maintenance: 1 weeks

Person needed for maintenance: 1 person