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Cantata is a product of IPL (Information Orocessing, Ltd) basedin UK. The Cantata product was available since 1992 and has been used extensively for the testing of safety-critical systems throughout Europe. Quality Checked Software, Ltd started distributed Cantata in North-America in 1994.



Cantata is specifically designed to offer a high productivity solution to the verification C software in a unique, integrated toolset.

Cantata provide facilities for

Dynamic testing

Dynamic testing of software during its development (unit and integration testing) has repeatedly been shown to be highly effective in finding defects. It is important that the test should be able to find the defect in early of the life-cycle to minimize the cost implications of faults. A common question for dynamic testing is: " Does it do what it should?"

Cantata provides the following features for dynamic testing:

Coverage Analysis

Coverage analysis answers the question "Has the software been successfully exercised?" by measuring the proportion of the code which has been executed. This facility allows the user to assess the coverage of individual software units, programs/tasks and entire software system.

Cantata provides the following code coverage metrics:

Boolean Operator Coverage (Condition Coverage): Coverage of operators in Boolean expressions, eg. AND and OR operators

Static Analysis

Cantata's Static facilities allow the user to check the software complies with coding standard and is within acceptable limits of complexity. It's analysis data can be reported to the user in a variety of formats. Most importantly, metrics can be verified as part of the overall testing process.

There are over eighty code complexity and maintainability metrics including: