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CS 456 – Project 2 ("Simplified Blackjack")

Description and Links to projects

This is a simplified game of Blackjack.

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Analysis and Annotation

The rules of this Blackjack game had been modified so that the coding for this project would not be so complicated. This game only contains 1 deck of cards (52 different playing cards).


Here is the game process:

  1. Player places bets to start the game.
  2. Player is dealt with 2 cards first. At this time, player will not see any card on dealer’s hand until the player clicks "Stand" or gets "Busted".
  3. Player can choose "Hit" or "Stand" during player’s turn.
  4. After that, dealer’s cards will open until it passes a score of 17.
  5. Player’s score and dealer’s score will be compared for the winner.


Here are some rules, which are different from the original Blackjack rules:


Expansion and reuse

This game could be expanded to have the original Blackjack game rules. First of all, the Ace can be counted as 10 or 11. Dealer and player should be dealt before player starts into play. Dealer should show one card during the player's turn. Nothing much could be expanse for this project because most of the bugs had been fixed.

Reusability of the code of this project is very high because most sub-procedures or sub-functions can be run independently. The sub-procedure or sub-function, which has the highest reusability of code, would be the sub-function "Generate". This function will randomly generate number to open a single card in a specified amount of time. Another reason is that this function can be used in any card games like Poker Game, Game of Concentration, Bridge and etc.


Difficulty scale, time estimate and person estimates for the maintenance

Difficulty Scale: 5 of 10

Time estimate for maintenance: 4 hours

Person needed for maintenance: 1 person