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Daycare Management System Main Menu

Starting the Program

  1. Click on the "Daycare Management System V 1" icon on the desktop; or
  2. Click on "Start", "Programs", "Daycare Management System", "Daycare Management System V1".
  3. Type "admin" for the password.
  4. The "Daycare Management System Main Menu" will open.

Enrollment Application

  1. Click on "Enrollment Application" button.
  2. An empty form will open.
  3. Fill the form.
  4. Print out the form by clicking on "File", "Print" and "Selected Record(s)".
  5. Click on "Next Page" button.
  6. Go to step (3) until the last form. Click on "Return to Main Menu".

View Database

  1. Click on "View Database" button.
  2. Use the arrow button to move to view other record. The arrow pointing to the left button with a bar means "Move to First Record", arrow pointing to the left button means "Move to Previous Record", arrow pointing to the right button means "Move to Next Record", and arrow pointing to the right with a bar means "Move to Last Record".
  3. To search a field, click on the field that you want to search and click the "Binocular" button. Type in the keyword you want to search for.

Payments and Fees

  1. Click on "Payment and Fees" button.
  2. "Payment and Fees" window opens.
  3. Click on "Parent Account" to view/edit parent account.
  4. To edit parent account, click on "Edit Current Parent Account" button.
  5. To create new account, click on "Establish New Parents Account" button.
  6. To view parent payments and fees, click on "View Parent Payments and Fees" button.
  7. Click on "Return to Main" to return to "Payments and Fees" window.
  8. Click on "Daycare Center Account" button.
  9. "Daycare Management" window opens.
  10. To view daycare center account, click on "View total counts of payments and fees made" button.
  11. Click on "Close" button to go back to "Payments and Fees" window.
  12. Click on "Return to Main Menu" to go back to "Daycare Center Management System" window.

Enrollment Checklist

  1. Click on "Enrollment Checklist" button to start.
  2. Use the arrow at the lower left to move to the particular record.
  3. Update the record.
  4. Click on "Return to Main Menu" to end "Enrollment Checklist".


  1. Click on "Reminder" button to go to reminder form.
  2. Type in the reminder into the message box.
  3. Click on "Return to Main Menu" to exit.
  4. Announcement

  5. Click on "Announcement" button to go to announcement form.
  6. Type in the announcement into the message box.
  7. Click on "Return to Main Menu" to exit.

Medical Report

  1. Click on the "Medical Report" button to see the "Print Preview"
  2. Click on the "Printer" icon to print the report.
  3. Click on the "X" button at the upper right corner to close the "Medical Report".

End Daycare Management System

  1. Click on the "Exit Daycare Management System" to exit the program.