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Microsoft Project 98


Microsoft project 98 is the fifth Window-based release of what has grown to be the world's most popular project management software. It has been selected as Editor Choice in PC Magazine for the June 30, 1998 issue. Microsoft Project's installed base is comprised of a wide variety of user types, ranging from beginners to expert project management professionals. The user-friendly environment allows controlling even for the most complex projects. It helps users to share information easily with their team members. Most of all, Microsoft Project 98 is compatible with Microsoft Office.



We can plan and track projects more effectively and identity conflicts before they actually happen with the flexible new scheduling engine in Microsoft Project 98.

Microsoft Project 98 has rich presentation features including the ability to publish information to the intranet and internet. It also supports workgroup features, which allow communication with team members via email or the web.

Microsoft Project 98 is fully compatible with Microsoft Office applications, as well as other databases and systems, means and that users learn Project 98 faster.


Features that are supported by Microsoft Project 98

Task Splitting

Click and drag on the Gnatt Chart to insert breaks or interruptions in your tasks for real world results.

Web Publishing

Users can share project information via a company interanet on the web with new HTML table templates.

View Bar

Enable user to move between views with one click of the mouse.

Excel Graphing

Time scaled data can be exported to Microsoft Excel for powerful graphing.


Improved Features

Custom Fields

Microsoft Project 98 has more than doubled the number of custom fields available to users for storing additional project data.

Resource Leveling

The detailed assignment information in Microsoft Project 98 equals improvements in the product's leveling algorithm. The project manager has greater control in defining how Microsoft Project searches for and resolves work over-allocations when leveling.

Email-based Workgroup Features

Project Manager can use their existing email infrastructure to communicate with team members for delegating project tasks, sending project updates and collecting project status information.

Information above is extracted from Microsoft Project 98.


Project Scheduler 7


Project Scheduler 7(PS7) is manufactured by Scitor Corporation. It is a powerful project management software made easy. It optimizes 32-bit performance of Windows 95 and NT. It supports unlimited number of user-defined fields and user-defined formulas and up to five baselines (snapshots of a project's current status).


PS7 can be used for by managers of all experience level. Each user can easily find a level of tools that support their project planning and management requirements.

PS7 provides unlimited custom fields, formulas and filters while providing easy access to summary and detail information for all projects. It has a strong resource and multi-project management features that allows building and modeling real world plans for any size team.

PS7 is compatible with Office 97 which makes PS7 easier to learn and intuitive to use. PS7 also has intuitive Help, wizards, Project guidelines, tip-of-the-Day and context-sensitive help to help users to get started.


SureTrak Project Manager 2.0


SureTrak Project Manager 2.0 is manufactured by Primavera System Inc. It is the perfect combination of ease-of-use, power and affordability. It is ideal for resource planning and control on small-to medium-sized projects. Simple planning. Easy updating. Streamlined analysis, reporting and graphics. With SureTrak, you can create schedules graphically, and point and click to create relationships between activities. Updates are fast; SureTrak provides a graphical to-do list to help you record progress.


The Project KickStart Wizard that is included in the software allows novices to set project with a series of detailed questions about tasks and resources.

SureTrak has a Web Publishing Wizard that allows multiple project reports to structured Web pages and making it easier to link all relevant data.


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