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Comparison of Microsoft Project 98 with Project Scheduler 7 and SureTrak Project Manager 2.0


y=YES n=NO

Microsoft Project 98

Project Scheduler

SureTrak Project Manager 2.0

General Features 
Street price $500 $600 $400
Online tutorial y y y
Year 2000-Compliant y y y
Project completion constraint 12/31/49 12/31/63 13/31/69
Project Setup 
Wizards or project templates/Task outlining y y y y y y
Interactive manipulation of tasks and relationships y y y
Maximum number of tasks per project1 Unlimited 99,999 10,000
Can schedule recurring tasks/set priorities on tasks y y y y y y
Effort-driven/Duration-driven tasks y y y y n y
Supports Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) y y y
Duration measured in months/weeks n y y y n y
Duration measured in days/hours y y y y y y
Tracking and Modification 
User can se lead and lag times on constraints n y n
Baseline variances viewable on screen y y y
Tasks and resources can be filtered y y y
Resource Management
Maximum number of resources per project1 Unlimited 99,999 Unlimited
Individual calendars for resources y y y
User can assign resources to a percentage of task y y n
User can define and assign material resources n y y
Can include overtime costs/materials costing y n y y n n
User-defined cost formulas n y n
Resource leveling (end date is pushed) y y y
Resource smoothing (end date remains the same) y n y
Leveling by date range y y n
Automatic task splitting during leveling y y n
Can show free float/total float/negative slack time y y y y y y y y y
Resource allocation histograms y y y
Multiple Projects
Maximum number of project1 1,000 Unlimited Unlimited
Automatic consolidation across multiple projects y y y
Projects can have persistent links to other projects y y y
Leveling across projects y y y
Can maintain resource pool for multiple projects y y y
Customizable standard reports y y y
Queries can be printed in reports n y n
Workgroup Capabilities
Multiple user access to shared projects y y y
Update of schedule status via e-mail y n y
E-mail distribution of project information y y y
Publish/update project information via the Web y y y y y y
Customization and Integration
Programming language/Macro recording y y n y y n
User-definable forms/menus/toolbars y y y y y y n n y
OLE client/server y y y y y n
ODBC support/Database server connectivity y y y y y n
Technical-support options Free during regular support hours; after hours, $35 per incident; priority accounts available Free Free

 This comparison table is extracted from PC Magazine, 30 June 1998.


Task Usage Views

Task Usage View of Microsoft Project 98


Task List in Project Scheduler 7


Task List in SureTrak Manager 2.0