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The design can be extended to add more complex feature depending on the needs of the user. For example, our daycare system can be extended to include a formletter feature that make it user for the user to address letters, announcments, and reminders. Getting more detailed in a daycare's line of business can open more door to functions that can be add, increasing the complexity of the daycare system.


Because the database for the daycare project is created using Microsoft Access 97, it can be copied into an executable file or on a disk and can be executed anywhere it is stored whether it be for temporary or permanent usage.


When the user enters information into the spaces provided for user input, the space is already initialized for what data it should receive. If any data is entered with the wrong data type, the program will identify it as an error


The interfaces are set up for daycare center management. The user is assumed to have to parents, charges, payments, and other pertinent information. The system is set up to receive input from only the user. Other systems do not have access.


This system has a password set up when the user first logged into the system. This prevents unauthorized usage, alteration, destruction or release of data without authorization.


When error occurs during user input, the system will prompt up an error message.

User Adaptability

The system is flexible. At the time of delivery, it is designed based on the software requirement specification. The system is built to fit the user but if the user wants to add additional feature it can be done.