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Examples of Appropriate and Inappropriate Uses

Appropriate uses

In the business environment

The reason why client-server is because it supports the key competitive advantages (time-to market, customer service and simplicity) to corporate organizations. It enables user especially business group (a host computer) to promote product to the society (end users) through the client-server architecture. Through this, the business groups are able to provide and respond to customer service. Simplicity, to the society (end users), is a critical success of the client-server in the business environment.


The client-server architecture can be well implemented through the Internet because it links client s to servers through networks such as local area network or wide area network. The original implementation of client/server in the Internet involved either Distributed Presentations of Remote Presentation with servers sorting, manipulating, and organizing data: and client programs handling the presentation of the data. Examples of the client/server tolls specified by the Internet Engineering Specification include:


Inappropriate use

Single user environment

It is definitely inappropriate to use the client-server architecture if there is only a single user connected to the server. This is because time is lost in the system through processing and retrieving of data. Additionally, it is a waste of money to have a server, which only provide service to a single user.