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Design Specification Document



Application Environment:

                        No training is required otherthan A person who is
                        literate and is willing to learn.However, experince in databse applications 
                        would be helpful.

                        Hardware requirement
                            IBM PC compatible with Pentium Processor

                        Software required

                        Microsoft Access 97 Professional Edition 

Notationsused in the design:

                       Notation            Meaning

                          square:           process
                    small circle:           modality
                              ||:               cardinality
                          arrows:           process flow

Goals of the project:

A major concern in the daycare center in using a computer is that they need to
have computer training. Therefore, the proposed system will be very user
friendly and easy to use. The system will have a checklist to see whether the
entire requirement for the enrolment is complete. In order to have a smoother
and easier navigation through the system, all the forms will be icons based.

With this proposed system, we want to prove that things can be done much
smoother and in a more timely manner with the proposed system. The goal of the
system is to save time, space and effort in storing and processing information.


Review of Specifications:

Software functions:


*Search for a record

*Do a checklist

*Print record and report of all the child

*Medical Report

*Print record and report

*Account and Fees

*Announcement and Letters

Data Descriptions from DFD:

Name:                Medical Information

aliases:             none

where used/how used  asses against setup(output)

Medical Information=[primary care physician|past illness|allergic
reactions|medication|emergency phonenumber|date of last shot|child's name|
date of birth|place of birth|parent first and last name]

Name:                   Client Account

aliases:                none

where used/how used     asses against setup(output)

Description: [parent first and last name|data|payment|fees|month] 

Name:                   Client Data

aliases:                none

where used/how used     asses against setup(output)

Description:[child name, child age, child date of birth, both parents first and
last name, address, person to contact for emergency, status]

Name:                Client Database

aliases:                none

where used/how used    asses against setup(output)

Description:[report, application, fee accout, announcements, letters]



Print function

     This function allows the user to print all the forms, record, information
     or report at all time. 
     Constraint, prints continuous form based on record in the parent database

Search Function

     This function allows the user to pull up specific record, information and
     report of the specific
     child. Constraint, parent data   can be searched based on  a single field
     entered in the search function 

Report Function

This function allows the user to view application reports, medical report and
finance reports. Constraint, only one record can be viewed at a time.  

Predicted Modifications/Maintenance:

Account and Fees:  this function could later include the parent current
balances on their account vs just the list of  payments and fees

Architectural Design


Module Detail


Module Detail


Module Detail


LaPette Academy:                    Medical, Enrollment, Authorization forms

St Peter's Cathedral of Hope:       Interviewed Ass Director recieved
                                    pertinent information to derive functions
                                    necessary to perform daycare center tasks

Microsoft Access:                   Manipulated forms, table, reports, query's
                                    and macros to perform needed functions of
                                    the  system