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Accuracy vs. Correctness

The system when completed is accurate because it has passed a series of test to make sure that is no errors in the application. However, when it comes to user input, the user need to take caution when keying in information. This is because error in the information field such as address and telephone number in the form will propagate further into the application. Therefore, if the user input is incorrect, this will affect the accuracy of the system.

Portability vs. Stability

This project is portable when it comes to setting up the system into another computer. However, this may cause the system to be more error prone in the process of transferring the data into another computer.

Completeness vs. Complexity

At the time of delivery, the system is complete as it contains all the requirements and the specification requested by the client. However, in the future, the client may want to have additional function added into the system. As more functions are added into the system, the system will become more complex.

Intergrated vs. Safety

The system has safety to prevent invalid input but as far as for the degree of intergation the user need to be caution when entering accurate data into the system.