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Testing will be done to meet the Requirement Analysis and Specification so that the product will meet the client’s requirement and error free.


Modules in the project are strongly related to each other. Modules call each other and perform the assigned tasks.


Testing will be done to ensure that the project covers all the functions that it is supposed to perform before delivery.


The Daycare System Management System is not complex because it is written in Microsoft Access 97.


This project is consistent with its coding. This is to ensure that the it gets and passes the right information to its modules.


This project satisfies its requirement specification, fulfills the customer 's objectives and is free of errors.


This project needs memory to run the system and to store its databases. The performance for the system depends highly on the speed of the computer.


This project is highly dependant on its devices. In this case, the system depends on the computer to perform its tasks.


The user need to learn on how to input data into the appropriate fields of the form. They also need to be computer illiterate and must have knowledge of database application. Training is a must if user has no knowledge of database application.


Each program can work independently in the system with the limitation that it is doing not doing any searching which involve more than one database.


The Daycare Management System is written in Microsoft Access 97 and it is portable because it can be saved as an executable file in a disk and therefore can be used on another computer. This is also the same for the databases. If the user wants to use the system on another computer, he or she must also saves them into a disk and copies it into the computer.


This Daycare Management System is used in real time to check if the enrolment of the child is complete upon application from their parents. All information is entered into appropriate databases. At any time, the staff will be able to monitor the progress of the Daycare Center and update any records when necessary.


Since this project is about the Daycare Management System, the code of the program can be reused in another application that performs similar tasks in the daycare center.


This project is stable because whenever there is error such as entering text characters into a number field in the form, an error message will prompt to the user. The ability of being able to detect errors makes the project stable.


When completed this project will be handed in together with its coding and it specification documents. Therefore, this system will be able to trace back the its design representation and actual program component back to its requirements.


This project is very well documented and assists new users to apply the system because hints and other help relevant text is stated at the forms themselves. This is to help and assist new users in navigating and using the project.