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Software Engineering Project

Realtor Management System


Real Estate Agents are generally self employed business people who pay a fee to be associated with a real estate agency. The agent is associated with the agency, not employed by the agency. As a self employed business person, real estate agents must keep a fairly complex set of accounts in order to track sales commissions and pay fees and income taxes. The purpose of the Realtor Management System is to allow the agent to profile the projected revenues and expenses for the year, and then to update the projections based upon actual sales and costs. The system predicts revenue surplus (profit) and short fall (loss) for each month remaining in the year, when the Realtor closes the accounts for the current month. When the Realtor closes the year, a profile of the entire year is created. The system also creates a current month/next month schedule of payments and personal annotations regarding events such as enrollment in a continuing education class, scheduled car maintenance or conventions/meetings to attend. Since most Realtors use lap top PC's as their computer of choice, the system must be compatible with this platform and retain the icon based, pull down menu, touch and feel of the Personal Computer.


RMS General Operation:

Create Monthly Income Projection Sheet:

income source - sales referral fees and sales commission checks.

Create Monthly Expense Projection Sheet:

expense categories - office rental fees or commission wrap fee

agency commission on sale

income tax quarterly payments (federal, State, City)

national agency dues

professional association dues

advertising costs

real estate license renewal

supplies - business cards, signs, forms/paper, miscellaneous

office equipment

mobile telephone

business telephone line

facsimile telephone line

car insurance


automobile maintenance

license plate renewal fees

personal property tax on auto

travel expenses - lodging, airfare, car rental, meals, misc.

entertainment expenses for clients

accounting/tax service fees

The Realtor should be able to select from these categories to create the projection sheet. Not all categories must be chosen in a given month. The Realtor should be able to add their own categories.

Generate Actual Expense and Income Forms by Month

Once all categories have been chosen by month and the expense projection is accepted by the user, the system generates an income sheet and expense sheet for each month that correspond to the projection sheet forms. These forms are used to enter actual data month by month.

Edit Forms

The Realtor should be able to enter any projection sheet for any month of the year at any time, and edit categories or expense projections. The system will automatically recreate all projection and actual expense/income forms from the month edited forward to the end of the year, reflecting the in all forms and in all prediction functions. All forms will carry a version number and modification date. A log of all edits will be maintained.

Project Year's Profit or Losses

At completion of the twelve month's expense and income projection sheets, the system will display for each month and for the twelve month period the profit or loss for the month, for the quarter and for the year. Subsequently, if any data exists in closed month actual expense or actual income sheets, the system will use this actual data, as much as exists, with the remaining data drawn from projection sheets to make the prediction.

Print Function

The Realtor must have the ability to print a single form or set of forms, or any window, on demand.

Graph Function

The Realtor must be able to select from a line graph or bar graph that shows actual income and expenses plotted against projected income and expenses on demand. If any data exists in closed month actual expense or income forms, the system will use actual data, as much as exists, and the remaining data from projections to make the prediction.

Reminder Feature

The system will allow the Realtor to enter and edit a series of reminder's or notices for each month. These notices could be phone calls to make, letters to send or payment due dates. On demand, these notices will be displayed or printed for the selected months.

Close Month Feature

If the user selects the close month feature, the actual expense and income forms for that month are given a final version number and marked "Final" in the heading. The Projection Feature is automatically invoked when a month is closed.

Revert Feature

If the Realtor prematurely closes a month, the revert function allows the (-1) version of the closed month forms to become the actual forms and the Projection Function is invoked.

Client Data Base Feature

A client record has the following form:

[Name_1, address_1, home_1 telephone number, work_1 telephone number, fax_1 telephone number, Name_2, address_2, home_2 telephone number, work_2 telephone number, fax_2 telephone number, client type, referral source, miscellaneous notes] where client type is [new seller, new buyer, past seller, past seller, vendor, builder, corporation, agent, other]. The system must maintain a client data base of at least 1,000 client records. The system will allow the Realtor to build and edit the data base. If mistakes are made in fields, the system will indicate to the user which field is in error and what error was made.

Form Letter Feature

The system will accept at least 100 form letters into a data base. Each form letter can be named by the user. The user can select any form name, any number of client records, and within each client record one or both names and addresses, and the system will automatically print a single copy of the letter with the a specified date, appropriate recipient'(s) name(s), Address(es) and salutation line.

Call Made/Received Feature

It is important for Realtor to keep a contemporaneous log of received calls and called parties. The log should display a received calls and made calls window for the month, and for each entry keep time call made or received, called or calling party and purpose of call.

Archiving Feature

The system will retain the current version (v.0) and the three most recent versions (-1, -2, -3) of projection and actual sheets. All features execute over a single version of forms, i.e. projections cannot be made using the current September and -1 October sheets…


Engineering Obligations:

Each Team will select a software life cycle model for their project. This life cycle model will specify what documents and artifacts must be produced in each engineering phase. Each Team will use structured analysis/structured design methods (SASD) to produce the system. All documentation required by the life cycle moded and SASD methods will be produced by the team. All sets of documentation must include a requirements specification, design specification, program designs, formal test plans including a customer acceptance test plan, users manual and technical manuals as specified by SASD.


This question was prepared by Professor Jerry Stach, Fall '98