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CS431 Introduction to Operating Systems

Exercise #2

Create windows processes and create a multithreaded process as described in Exercise #2 in Nutt


Part A:
  1. Create your list of programs to run in a file called launch.txt
  2. Include only programs that might be found on any Windows NT box (so that we can run your program)
  3. Include in your program output statements that identify each program by name after it has been launched. (You will be turning in a log file of the running of your program.
Part B:
  1. This portion of the exercise essentially simulates "cpuload" from exercise 1.
  2. You may use the "threadwork" function identified in the exercise, or you may create your own.
  3. The time tracking is an important part of the exercise.  You may use GetSystemTime or any other standard function to accomplish the task.
  4. As each thread is created, print a message indicating the time, the function being activated, and the thread number.
  5. When the program is to shut down, print the time.

Items to turn in:

  1. Source code for Part A.  You MUST have documentation (either embedded as comments or external) to explain what you did and how you did it.
  2. launch.txt file for Part A
  3. Output log from the running of part A. (You can get this by using the copy [mark] and paste functions in the NT command window.  Just copy the output to notepad and save.
  4. Source code for Part B.  Again you MUST have documentation.
  5. Output log from the running of part B.